FRB provides specific financial support

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Projects dealing with Theme 2 "Solutions for the agro-ecological transition that conserve biodiversity", which will involve at least one researcher from the Agropolis Fondation network, will receive co-funding from Agropolis Fondation.

Financial support will include:

  • Post-doc salary for a duration of 18 months (max).
  • Methodological support throughout the project, in particular at three key moments.
    • For systematic mapping: a 5-days meeting at CESAB with the post-doc and the project coordinator. They will build and stabilize their research equation, and carry out their research on dedicated search engines, in order to obtain their initial bibliographic database. On this occasion, they will benefit from training in the different tools to carry out the project.
    • For the critical evaluation: a 1-day meeting at CESAB with the whole research team. On this occasion, the team will finalize the criteria for critical evaluation of the collected articles.
    • For the completed lexicographical analysis or for the meta-analysis: a 5-days meeting at CESAB with the post-doc and the project coordinator. On this occasion, they will receive support for the analysis, either with textual or statistical data.
  • Publication cost, up to € 3000.
  • A presentation to a non-scientific public at the end of the project.

In addition, the FRB undertakes to provide :

  • Local logistical organisation (planning of meetings, transport, accommodation and catering) and workspaces at CESAB.

  • Support for communication of project results.

  • Administrative support for project management.



The project coordinator will host the post-doc in his (her) laboratory and to provide all the material conditions necessary, as well as any other travel at the request of the laboratory.



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